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How to go out and not drink

Welcome to Fitter You.

Now, time for a helpful, and hopefully unpatronising first blog post.

Picture the scene. You've been working really hard with your fitness - hitting the gym, doing home workouts, whatever works for you - and cracking on with better nutrition than ever before.

Then one night, you meet up with some friends in a bar.

"What do you want?" They ask

"Oh I'll just have a soda and fresh lime"

Cue: "Oh I can't believe you're not drinking. Why aren't you drinking? Come on!" And so on.

It's great to have such supportive friends!

I get that though, firstly just tell yourself they're only pressuring you because it justifies their drinking, PLUS they don't have the dedication or commitment to even attempt what you're doing.

Then, try to stay strong, stick to your guns and push on with your original plans.

HOWEVER, I know how difficult it is, when faced with a baying table of booze-hungry friends.

So here's the simple solution:

1. Have a vodka, soda and fresh lime (or gin and slimline) the first time. This will satisfy them that you're now drinking - which you are for the time being.

2. Then, move on to just soda and fresh lime. The genius is that it looks the same as your previous alcoholic drink, so they'll assume it is (as everyone's so self-obsessed in 2016 anyway).

3. You've saved money, kept your diet on track and will feel fine the next day, so won't derail your workout plans either.

Hope that helps!

Matt "beat the booze" Boyles

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