Today, is Y, into which I have crowbarred, "You're not getting any younger" - harsh, but true.

I'm not going to labour the point, as no-one wants to be ranted at, and it's less likely to stick were I to do so.

It's never too late to start making small changes to look...

This is a story about a man called Lucky... Errr, I mean Nick.

Nick is married and has three kids.

He works at a demanding job.

He just turned 50.

He has exercised and played sport on and off during his adult life, but for the reasons outlined above, has put on fat.


Did you know, 1 litre of water weighs 1 kilogram?

This is like an episode of 'How2' isn't it.

Anyway, think about that for a second.

(I know you won't, you'll keep reading - that's fine, it was just a literary 'device').

For optimal health and body functionage, I wou...

Or is it?

Well, clearly it is.

But do you need them?

Well, clearly, yes you do for a healthy and normally-functioning mind and body.

But what about vitamin supplements?

Ahhhhh, good question.

When you're looking to change your body's composition for the positive (i...

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Speaking hon...

Let's start with some philosophy:

Baby, can't you see, I'm calling
A guy like you, should wear a warning
It's dangerous, I'm falling

There's no escape, I can't wait
I need a hit, Baby, give me it
You're dangerous, I'm loving it

Too high, Can't come down
Losin' my head...

I'm on holiday at the moment.

I'm self-employed so while holidays are refreshing time off work... they are also time off making money.

But I don't mind.

Because holidays - even just short breaks - are so good for your head.

We rarely get time to think in our day-to-d...

The best relationships are based on trust, mutual respect and being able to insult each other, knowing full well you don't really mean it.

Exhibit A:

Client finishes long and taxing set of exercises, believing he's finished.

"Right" I say, "time for the Metabolic Fini...

This follows on from the previous post about looking after yourself.

I know when we're younger, sleep is the first thing to brush aside.

Late nights, early starts, lost weekends.

You feel invincible and indefatigable

.And then you turn 30 and... Well it's just not qu...

You have to look after yourself, to be able to look after anyone else.

I'm using the phrase 'look after' loosely here.

I don't necessarily mean 'physically care' for someone who needs constant attention, just give someone any kind of care.

You have to be selfish about...

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September 20, 2017

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