I've had a few emails about how I start my day, so without further ado (what the f*ck is ado?!)...

- Alarm goes off. I've been trying different alarms so as not to be jolted so aggressively awake. Currently using a 90s radio alarm clock (!), set on a talk radio station,...

 Ah breakfast.

The perfect opportunity to start your day, the right way.

Fuel yourself correctly and you'll have stable energy levels all day, fewer cravings for sweet things, and help you to burn fat during the day.

But that only happens if you start with a portion o...

If you started the Press-up challenge with me last week, you should be adding 10 to your starting number today.

To recap, for a month, we're doing press-ups every day, starting with either 10, 20 or 30.

Then, to show that exercise should be progressive and that the bod...

About a month ago, I made a pledge to you, and to me, to meditate, seriously and consistently, for a month.

Being a PT, I have to get up fairly early most mornings, but having read up on it, it seemed like the best time to do.

So I get up in the morning, drink a large...

We're going to do incrementally more press-ups together, every day this month.

(Yes I know we're a week into the month and in an ideal world it would have started on the 1st June, but it didn't so there you go, and anyway, it proves you can start your fitness journey *v...

Say goodbye to salads... 

And hello to Meaty Leaf Feasts!


The very name is boring. Limp. Insipid. Rubbish.

And I too thought this for most of my life.

Which is a shame, because actually, they're not rubbish, they're brilliant, and delicious and vibrant and tast...

50 simple, straightforward and easy-to-apply tips and habits (tabits?) to start building into your life, to create a Fitter You.

The Best Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are the new hot gadget for helping to meet your exercise and health goals. With dozens currently on the market, deciding which features are actually useful and how much money you should spend can be tricky. Reviews.com tested...

Never one to miss out on a trend...

You may have seen this floating around the internet:

'Post one pic from seven years ago, one from three years ago, one from this year'.

(Don't know who started this or why those years were chosen, but there you go).

So I had a scro...

Well done for getting through all this...!

A is for Atrophy
B is for Buttocks
C is for Cake
D is for Diet
E is for Exercise (no shit)
F is for Fix
G is for Gubbins
H is for Hunger
I is for It's Not Real
J is for June
K is for Krack (yes really)
L is for Lying Cycles
M i...

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September 20, 2017

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