Anyone who says they've "always loved vegetables" is probably lying.

However as adults living in the developed world with access to a full range of vegetables (that we can prepare in countless ways and actually do taste different), we don't have any excuse not to build...

Here's your fourth edict: start snaffling a bit more protein for quicker recovery from workouts, stronger muscles, fewer cravings and staying fuller from meals for longer.

As with the other three emails this week, incremental changes always beat massive, unsustainable s...

However, for all I've said so far, you HAVE to stick to it. 

I've come to the conclusion that basically any gym programme and most (reasonable) nutrition plans will work, if only you have the cojones to stick to them.

The body takes time to adapt and only in tiny, usua...

As with the previous post, you've heard this all before, but in the words of The White Strips (whoooooooooo), it bears repeating.

As with my recommendation to drink more water, all I'd like you to consider doing, is moving more.

That's it


A bit.



So Fitness 101, the most basic and easiest to do of all fitness recommendations... is drink more water.

I know you've heard it before, but are you doing it? If you're not approaching three litres of water a day, then give it a go and tell me you don't:

- feel more al...

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September 20, 2017

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