I watched a new film this weekend, called 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'.

Just kidding, it came out in 1993, but I did watch it for the first time this weekend.

If you haven't seen it, it was Tim Burton's last good film (CONTROVERSIAL) and it's set in a place ca...

You did, didn't you!

And I'm pleased you did.

Short one today:

Life doesn't always need to be lived within the lines. Neither does it have to be conducted in the same way as your neighbour. Or your boss at work. Or that guy in the gym.

Find your natural rhythm and [h...

Dear Father Chestmas,

I hope you are well.

As someone who is also elf-employed (sorry, couldn't resist), I appreciate your time is precious, so I won't keep you.

I have been a really good boy this year, helping lots of people get fit and strong as well as helping some...

I know I have.

How much are you paying for your gym membership?

Is it in the budget range? £20 a month? Mid-level at around £45? Or are you splurging on a premium chain at £100+ a month?

Now how many times a month on average are you using it?

However, let's not bore...

This is so simple to do, though it may take a few goes to make it stick. It's this:

Just remember, that no-one is actually looking at you.

If you're feeling self-conscious, think about how you feel and realise that everyone else is feeling exactly the same.


 Just saw 'Arrival' and it was very good indeed.

I love thoughtful sci-fi (actually I love dumb sci-fi too), but this is a high quality, intelligent movie.

Very quick summary:

  • Spaceships arrive on earth

  • Something inside them is trying to communicate with us

  • ...

We're regularly 'sold' stories of overnight successes.




The TOWIE 'star' who lost two stone in a month.

The thing is, it just isn't true.

The company/person/thing either worked insanely hard for a good few years before breaking through to ma...

I had such an amazing response to the first collection of salads I shared, that I had to do some more - and don't say I never listen! Two people asked for fishy ones, so you have three fish options here (and one beef, because it's my blog).

Bon appetit!

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September 20, 2017

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