Fitter You...

Fitter You is the creation of me, Matt Boyles, online personal trainer based in London.


Are you bored of the po-faced, 'fitness is a serious business' personal trainers and magazines out there?


Because I am!

To get the body you want and deserve:

  • you don't need to kill yourself in the gym for 10 hours a week

  • you don't need to give up your favourite foods

  • you don't need to forsake anything fun

Modern life is a busy, stressful thing, but I promise you:

  • Anxiety isn't compulsory

  • Looking after the Inner You as well as the Outer You will pay double dividends

  • As a gay personal trainer, I hear and understand what you're going through, as I've been there

My approach with simple daily meditation, some strength-building workouts and flexible dieting will let you be you, the way you want to be, and feel content, capable and confident with your place in the world.​