6 Week Fitter Confident You Programme

Ready to make a change? Give me six weeks and in that time, following the tailored programme and personalised nutrition coaching I provide, you will lose fat, build muscle and see a new you in the mirror.

In 6 weeks you can make life-changing improvements to your health, strength, fitness and confidence; here’s how:

  • One set of easy to follow workouts for home or the gym with videos and full descriptions to ensure you do them safely

  • Straightforward nutrition coaching, where no food is off limits

  • Two check-in calls with me to give you accountability and motivation when you need it most

  • My Meditation Guide to help you feel calmer and more confident, every day

My 6 week programme is £159. To see more and sign up to start your 6 week Fitter Confident You journey, head to www.fitterconfidentyou.net/sp

When I was creating my online PT programmes, I started by researching what was already out there, and 99% seemed to consist of “Here are your workouts and nutrition… Go away!”.

It struck me there was a chance to create something a bit more personal, with a bit more of me in it and to take a more holistic approach.

I pride myself on my sensible and sustainable approach, meaning this won’t feel like a regime or a crash diet and will slot into your life – plus you’ll find it easier than ever to stick after you graduate, having learned simple but effective tips and habits along the way.

Introducing Fitter Confident You!


Fitter You

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