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Fitter You is Fitness with
Personality, Humour & Heart
Online PT tailored for the GBTQ+ Community

Matt Boyles

is a Personal Trainer


I want to improve the lives of as many Gay, Bi & Trans guys as possible, with workouts, easy-to-follow nutrition plans and a bit of meditation, because I know the benefits of these, first hand.


"I see so many guys talking about how unhappy they are, how they don't feel they're good enough or they're embarrassed of their body - this is so sad and it doesn't have to be this way. I've suffered from internalised homophobia - feeling like I wasn't good enough, just because I was gay - it doesn't have to be this way.”

Fitter Confident Us is my new online membership for GBTQ+ people. If you've been looking for connection with your people: you've found it.

Weekly workouts, yoga sessions, monthly mindset training, weekly Q&A, book club AND the warmest, most fun and supportive group there is - click here to find out how it works!

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I have various ways we can work together: have a look at the range of online PT programmes, starting with the 12 week Fitter Confident You.

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Confused about how to get started getting a bit leaner?

Maybe you've heard about macros and calorie tracking but aren't sure where to start...

My easy, quick-start guide takes out the guess work.

or just £7.99 you'll get a straightforward, jargon-free handbook that will tell you the right amount of food to be eating for your height, age, weight & goals.

Click here to access it today!

“Fitter Confident You is the culmination of my eleven years as a PT. It's simple to follow, doesn't involve spending hours and hours in the gym, doesn't ask you to cut out any of your favourite foods and helps you feel happy with who you are and your place in the world. Using science and my proven skills, I want to help you feel fitter and more confident now.”



"You'll never beat the feeling of pride when you get a #TransformationTuesday because you worked your ass off. 5 weeks in with @FitterYouLondon and I'm so happy. This plan works and unlike most, Matt's there the whole way if you need him. I can't recommend it enough." 

Adam, retail

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